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Agenda One is the parent company and controlling operations of all the organizations and companies in our humanitarian and human rights groups. The River Organization and its affiliated websites are subordinate to Agenda One and dominate all other organizations and companies within the humanitarian group.

Although I have been threatened with death from prolonged medical episodes, and other issues, I work and write as if I have only a few days left in this world. At the same time, I work and write as if I will live for infinity. I have to. Hopefully, what I can finish, I can build to such a degree it will leave my footprints for others to follow.

The River Organization was started in the early 2000s. Originally I was targeting it to move toward a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Then I studied the IRS-controlled 501(c)(3) and was appalled from what I learned. I rebuked it. It is full of evil. It is shackling and gagging for leftwing political politicks and slavery. There had to be a better, more honest way, I told myself. The River Organization was active for a while, then went into limbo. Before it went into oblivion, not actually forgotten, but not actively moving forward, it spun off other ideas.

We spun off Christian River which in turn spun off Direct-to-the Streets open-air feeding and supply station for the homeless in the nation’s worst neighborhoods. In 2010 the FBI classified the three neighborhoods where I was spending most of my time as among the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America. Those three neighborhoods are in the Downtown Las Vegas region of 89101 and 89106 zip codes, where I am still active. They include areas like Balzar Ave., N. 28th St., and D Street. We took the number 3,4 and 8 slots with the most violent crime per citizen. We also took the number one slot for the highest predicted violent crime, some two to three times the entire list of 25. We left Washington, DC, Chicago, and numerous other American cities in the dust. There was a lot of violence in that region, a lot of vicious crime. The streets themselves were hard, wiping out the lives of many people, young and old. American war veterans, some from World War II in their 80s, left to perish by a mean city and country government and an evil state and federal government that turned their backs on their heroes, America’s combat veterans. Veterans from World War II, Korea, Nam, the Gulf War, and many other hotspots. Despite billions of dollars paid into the War on Poverty, layers of social services, tons of nonprofits and churches, the streets were the decaying ground of countless souls that had paid the price for defending their country in foreign wars. A country that turned its back on them now they were home with problems lingering from the war. The battles never leave their minds. I watched many of them die and lay dying. There were many I never saw their last moments of but heard about them from the other men and women out there. Crime dropped in 2011, yet is has steadily risen every year since. It is almost at the same level in 2017 as it was in 2010. People are dying violently.

In 2010 only one city in America had more homeless people than Las Vegas and that was LA. Vegas had 15,000 on any given night, 50,000 people homeless at sometime throughout the year. During this same period, we conducted massive missing person searches.  We located many but were so overwhelmed by the sheer number of missing persons we had to halt operations.  Runaways and victims of criminal activity were in the thousands. Vegas is a world hub for human trafficking, white slavery, prostitution, and violence against females. It is a major destination for both the kidnapped human trafficking victim and the runaway. It is also a major source for interstate and international transportation of minors and adults for the purpose of prostitution, slave labor, and narcotic activity. Alaska is the only state that ranked higher with violence against women. Nevada sometimes rose from number 2 to number 1 and changed places with Alaska for a time.

Fast-forwarding, I was taken out of commission for a while with some serious medical problems of my own. In the meantime, I decided I couldn’t do the 501(c)(3) things. For some, it might work. For me, I fine-tuned the Humanitarian Corporation, something I’d been working on the idea of for as long as I was homeless and saw the money game played among the so-called churches and nonprofits. There was no effort to end homelessness and poverty. It would be counter-productive. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there where a lot of loving, caring people out there, but it’s a complex thing, homelessness, and poverty. It’s not going to get fixed overnight. But then, the War on Poverty and the 501(c)(3)s that came with it have been in action for 50 years. A whole half-century and, layers of government social service programs and welfare, thousands of nonprofits and churches, and we have more poverty and homelessness than when the War on Poverty started and 501(c)3s began….

We have an idea. We have a strategy. As we renew what we started over a decade ago, we will empower ourselves to endure the risks that come with freedom and independence, for ourselves and others. We will be on the cutting edge of advancement for a new way of life and a new way of doing things. Hopefully, someday soon, we will be able to provide the services we provided before halting our operations. We dream big and those big dreams promise a lot of good for the future. Until then, never give up hope on your own dreams and your own destiny. Live your life for yourself, for a life living for others isn’t worth living. But just remember, being selfish and greedy and ignoring the needs of our fellow human beings isn't worth living either. We need to live for ourselves and do for others what we can.

We have a long way to go as we build our publishing empire and writing endeavors, and then rebuilt the River Organization to what it was and beyond, a humanitarian company and a humanitarian organization making the world a better place in which to live.

The others can live in infamy, we’ll live for a better future for all without any strings attached. We’ll be greater and stronger than we were a decade ago.

~Clifford G. Harrison


              ~Building books is our business, building humanitarian empires is our passion.~

Agenda One™ is a Harrison Holding Humanitarian Operating Company

Agenda One™ is a Harrison Holding Humanitarian Operating Company

~A Humanitarian Company~